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Avoid those run-on sentences that just go on and on and on they never stop they just keep rambling and you really wish the person would just shut up but no they just keep going they're worse than the Energizer Bunny they babble incessantly and these sentences they just never stop they go on forever, first take: you enter a quiet out-of-the-way drugstore that has a display of walkers and bedpans in the window. Confident that no one you know will ever spot you here you stride over to the kindly old pharmacist at the back of the store. "Excuse me" you venture a little shakily. "Where are your rubbers?", Her butt was not just disgustingly HUGE but it had a certain shelf-like quality to it that was truly amazing. Really her ass didn't gently SWELL like some fat asses it actually made a ninety-degree angle with her back. You could set something down on Mrs. Edmunds' shelf-ass and it would stay there, I jumped for joy -- I was actually running around the empty house like a maniac filled with pleasure. And it was 8 a.m. and I was all alone and I had the world's greatest music collection at my fingers with the unlimited freedom to broadcast whatever the hell I wanted over the air, if we don't understand you and value you highly enough it's only because you're so near home and so easily available. If you were sitting on a mountain top and we had to walk miles without food and climb precipices to reach you clinging on to roots of trees then we would know what a treasure you are, Shopping for Booty: (53rd & 3rd vs. Forty-deuce) Your generosity is legend from rounds to trix. You not only act like a john you have the brief case love handles and credit cards to look like one too! Bring us your best shopping for booty look from Uncle Charlie's T-shirts to Benetton Travel-wear, the newspaper article told of a crack dealer who had a meteoric rise in Harlem. Finally it all collapsed in gunfire and he ended up in the hospital recovering but having lost the use of his legs. "It's funny" he said. "Now that I'm out of the business nobody calls me anymore", water balloons: yeah plain water balloons really belong to the grade-schoolers and the fraternity types with balloon launchers but how about putting about a tablespoon of Rit dye in the balloon before you fill it? Looks really nice on stucco or on white cinderblock where it gets a chance to soak in for a few hours, words you will not find in the Bible: dick scrub felch fisting toenail crank slick 50 winona hemi MC5 abortion is murder meat is murder christ was a chump xian sassy suckle squeal grrrls pie hole the virgin mary wasn't one blowjob smashing pumpkins disney slurp aardvark godzilla bossa nova;