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As an exercise he wrote a page of the "worst writing imaginable" and he continued doing this every day for two and a half weeks. "It turned into something like Whitman" he recalled. "In ways that are almost impossible to do with correct language I found that I could address a lot of very large ideas", How could you print a recipe for basing and cooking crack? (I could give two shits about your disclaimer at the bottom.) A lotta brothers and sisters are gonna read your book children included. If someone wanted to experiment with it but didn't know you've just taught a whole lot of kids how to make this shit. Fuck you sucker, I am taking the only step that an artist can take with his work -- that is to ask the tough questions and act in accordance with them. It's really the old Yves Klein leap into the void -- I am jumping and somehow believe that I will be supported as I have been supported in the past. I am demanding your selfless support here, I have the joy of seeing my sagging personality-less face every time I look in the mirror. True bitterness is wishing you could carve yourself up like a turkey cutting away the swaying layers of fat and shake off the lifeless suit of spongy flab that you waddle through your life in. I want to emerge like a ninja;