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At intermission he told me of an old boyfriend of his. It seems that he was an odd combination of junkie and spiritual seeker. He said that he once took him to a very ludicrous lecture and revival at Lincoln Center. After the event he went home to meditate and passed out from the God-heroin mixture, I have become increasingly interested in working in fields in which I have no expertise. Take for example music. I am not a composer. I don't know how to read music. But that has not prevented me from writing scores. With no boundaries or borders I am free to pursue the realm of the professional amateur, it seemed like ordinary mail at first: some bills a newspaper ten million dollars from Ed McMahon and yet another flyer but there was more. Just behind the envelope bearing Ed's smiling face was another much bigger envelope. It had no return address but was postmarked in California. It almost sounded like laughter, well it's a little like the advantage Henry Ford had at the turn of the century. Only America was big enough to justify building mass-production centers for Fords. So here in the latter part of our century our market is the only one large enough to justify building the next Microsoft Windows software;