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Because when you get that unsettled feeling in your belly the feeling that tells you something is inherently wrong with your town you go back inside take an antihistamine turn on CNN and lament the end of the civilized world. And you can blame everyone else. Because you live in the suburbs where the American Dream endures, mix the cocaine baking soda and comeback with enough water to cover it. Bring to a boil mixing constantly and watch the blend draw together. Place the resulting gel in ice water. Let cool into a solid mass. Remove the crack from water. Let it stand until completely dry and hard. Break into pieces. Serves 1000 or more, we were in our little suburban homes and it was 1971. Life magazine did a photo essay on a poor spider who had been fed what was probably a killer dose of LSD. Instead of spinning its typical geometric webs it was spinning gorgeous webs of free-form-acid-inspired psychedelia;