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"as long as (one) is alive" kula-"pond" + aampal "water lily" = KuLaampal "pond water lily" cetta "dead" piRanta "born" + iTam "place" = cettiTamum pi Rantilamum "the place where [people] die and are born again" enta "which + enta = ententa which" pl.) colla "to speak" + on(N)aata "impossible" + colloNaata, I would pressure them to have sex. I would pressure them. I would say look um this would be a really good thing for you to do for me and uh I suggest um that uh you know uh that I would start intimidating them with my words and pushing them and prodding them and uhh uuhhh then I would start putting my hands on them and getting um getting closer and closer;