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It would appear that Burger King even chooses the names for new products with the design of their cash registers in mind. For example their fish sandwich is called the "Whaler" which is easily printed using the W H E and R from 'WHOPPER' the A from 'EAT IN' and the 'L' from 'ONLY'. However it could just have easily been called 'FISH' by taking the F in 'FRIES' the I in 'DIET' and the S and H from 'CASH' so it appears, my cat was playing in a plastic bag today. Well wouldn't you know it she got caught in the handle. We thought it was so cute how she ran around the room scared of the freaky zingy BAG MONSTER that held on and threatened to have her feline flesh for din-din. Yeah it was really funny how she rolled down the basement stairs. Ha ha. Then I seen her limping on her little kitty foot. Poor meow meow. I'm sorry for laughing about the bag monster, people I'd punch in the face if I knew the cops wouldn't catch me and the person's friends wouldn't beat me down or kill me: Daryl Gates (L.A.P.D.) George Bush Ronald Reagan Dan Quayle (2x) Tom Metzger Oxnard Skinheads Duran Duran Erik Estrada Henry Rollins whoever is in charge of the DMV whoever decided to bring back bellbottoms fools who talk smack your mama for having you most government workers and all meter maids, since 47 ... Re7? Walks into 48 c4 meet Symyslov had to stay 47 ... c5 48 bc Re7. But quite soon after 53 Ke4! Kc4 54 f6! All resistance became futile. On 54 ... gf 55 Rh6 by either 55 ... Rf7 or 55 ... Rg7 would be broken up by Kf5. Symyslov gave up there, the ear is on fire: sounds are on fire: the nose is on fire: odors are on fire: the tongue is on fire: tastes are on fire: the body is on fire: things touchable are on fire: the brain is on fire: ideas are on fire: mind-consciousness is on fire: impressions received by the mind are on fire: and whatever sensation pleasant or unpleasant or indifferent originates in dependence on impressions received by the mind that also is on fire;