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Amazing economic theory: Rupee for Rupee you get more for your Rupee then you'd get Pound for Pound. Dollar for Pound. Mark for Pound. Dollar for Mark. Franc for Yen. Lire for Yen for Kroner for Rand. Rand for Franc for Kroner for Lire for Dollar. Baht for Rouble for Baht for Dollar for Pesos. Dinars for Riyals for Petrodollars. Because economics is economics. The World Bank is the World Bank. The Rupee is the Rupee. However, do you remember your first kiss? Yep. It was at camp before the ninth grade. It was all tongue. I was thinking "This is it? This is disgusting." I actually had my first orgasm before my first kiss. I was slow-dancing in the eighth grade with a friend in a basement. It was to the song "Mandy" by Barry Manilow. I didn't even know I was having an orgasm. I just thought "Boy this is a great dance." So the guy had no role whatsoever, I said to a friend recently "Looking back I can see that I was pretty much a complete asshole. Sometimes I think I didn't know what was going on at all." He said "Well that's not true but there must be some things you didn't see -- but then how could you see everything?" I said "Okay but still I had deep flaws which made me deeply inconsiderate of others. It wasn't my intention that I know but I was unwilling and unable to see my flaws", I saw Hannah Weiner at a party and asked her what she had been doing all summer. "I wrote eight hundred pages" she replied. "Very impressive" I said. "But" she said "I have much more work to do." "How can that be so?" I queried. "Well I edited the work down to four" she said. "Four hundred pages sounds like plenty to me. What more work could you possibly do?" I asked. She grinned and said "I edited not to four hundred but literally down to four";