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In the cool of a suburban summer night young men stare blankly at a waxed curb Snapple in hand waiting their turn. In an Upper West Side apartment "intellectuals" debate a burning question -- who possesses the American dream Hugh Hefner or Al Bundy? In a small village in an equally minute African village a young boy is becoming a man with the help of a little paint. At a frat-house in the Deep South an 18-year-old is taking a plunge from a higher, true but that doesn't stop us from coming back day after day week after week etc. after etc. everyone wants a miracle 4 week cure instead of doing what is really necessary i.e. a complete change of lifestyle meaning doing some exercise and cutting out foods that are hard to metabolize i.e. fats and sugars. Muscle weighs about 4?(7?) times what fat weighs. So if all your fat suddenly got converted into muscle you'd be heavier;