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bring anything: can you do: don't do a.: he'd fuck a.: I'll try: if you want: never does: they can make: since Auntie: what would happen: everybody wants: get into: get your act: sharp's slice: that's where the a.: this is where: born a gentleman: as the actress: up a shade: ever since: it adds: tap the a.: even the A.: and I acknowledge: Punch's: Percival: don't mock: don't touch: he that is: my back: 'tis only I: who's afraid: off again: phantom: pick him: play it: Richard's sold again: spray it: that boy: you can say: act your, the general consensus seems to be that life sucks. The question is: "Does it swallow?" In my experience I'd say no it just lays low until it can snowball you. Whether this is good or bad I can't say it all depends how far into the kinky you are. A deeper and more profound revelation may come from determining whether or not life goes beyond sucking and if so to what degree. Personally I think it's a conspiracy devised by a hedgehog but that's neither here nor there;