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Jousting for dominance in which when defined and defining as power (as one avant-garde overtaking another) which value is defined as power represent an alternative to such bluntness as antithetical to the complex process of writing and the multifold relations between that process and its dissemination to other writers to individual readers to the culture as a whole through its ideas and recursively to the writer all such metered nonsense by people afraid to face the future, why is there no cure for AIDS? Why was there slavery? Why is there still slavery? Why is there no real freedom? Why is it always a black/white thing? Why did he kill his girlfriend? Why did they get a minimum sentence? Why did they kick his ass? Why does he look so "fine" now? Why can't we say what the fuck we want? Why are we too young? Why are parents a pain in the ass? Why do we still love them? Why do some men "Fuck?" Why do women "make love?" Why can't we all just get along? Why is this world falling apart? Why is there a big fucking hole in the ozone layer?;