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First you get on top of a building that is about 60' tall with about 50' of rope and 40' of piano wire plus some epoxy or crazy glue. Then tie the rope around your feet and the piano wire around your neck and crazy glue your hands to your head. Then you jump off the building and at the end of the wire your head is severed cleanly from your neck and at 50' the rope catches and you are flipped upside down and your hands extend so that you are hanging dead and upside down with your severed head in your hands. Pretty cool huh?, Swami underwent heart surgery this week. Bobbie said that they had to do six bypasses. "What does that mean?" I asked her. "Well they have to open your chest cavity in order to get to your heart. Then they have to go into your leg and extract some veins. And then they have to sew you back together." "Wow" I replied. "Maybe Swami should speak less of the mind and more of the body." She told me that Swami didn't care -- he was not attached to this body and was just as glad to be relieved of it. Certainly he admitted such things were beyond his power;