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Just one thing eliminate your DADA or any "art-fag" references and you will be ten times scarier EYE FOR EYE: up to the eye. or again "questo visibile parlare" (dante). or "to see with free eyes" (oswaldo de andrade). pop videogram. reviews re-viewed. stars starlets politicians poets birds a black jaguar pelé sousândrade car lights the washing-machine's eye traffic signs. eyes. metamorphosis. mouths. BB's (tooth for tooth) mouth. a babel of eyes. haroldo baptized: BABOEIL. "no tongue! all eyes! be silent." (shakespeare via, the stupid planet that evolved us sucks. Our solar system sucks!! Our sun is a lousy boring small star that won't even turn into a super nova or black hole or something cool like that. None of the nearby planets have any cool aliens and Jupiter is a giant bag of stinking gas. Does it matter which of us on a sucky planet imaginatively named Earth in some sick joke of a solar system personally suck more? Here's to equality of sucking ... Errrrrrrr........I can't think of a better way to put it. That doesn't sound quite right. Oh ah;