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Life sucks boyfriends suck I suck my mother sucks everyone I have even vaguely known sucks. And I hope Armageddon comes so I can watch everyone and everything burn in hell for all eternity. Even if I have to give up heaven to do it. And for anyone who has ever wondered chewable gravel tastes like shit. Never. Or in other words fuck you. Life is not good. Life sucks. Life and upper level math classes suck. Women who will lick my face but won't go out with me suck. Argh. Oh well. I'm glad your life is good. Mine is shit so you just be happy elsewhere, we're like if you're out in Kansas in the middle of Rock 'n' Roll tour season and Public Enemy's tour bus is coming down one road and AC/DC's bus is coming down another road and The Judds are overhead in an airplane just looking down and watching it all then Tesco Vee comes roaring up on a hog between everybody and they all smash into each other and James Brown comes around afterwards and just starts rifling through people's pockets listening to Houses of the Holy on a Walkman and wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt 'cause he's down with Ian's ear;