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I recommend this book to all people and guarantee that reading it will result in the most profound experience of your life no matter who you are. It is still the best book I've read in twenty years. It is simultaneously comic tear-jerking moral spiritual insightful and mysterious. It is both hard to read and hard to put down and it bears rereading like few others. As is the case with many authors I wept at the end of the penultimate chapter. A mind bending book from an author who is himself a professional mental chiropractor. It's the best -- not fluff in any sense -- a real mind-bender, many introverted hackers who are next to inarticulate in person communicate with considerable fluency over the net perhaps precisely because they can forget on an unconscious level that they are dealing with people and thus don't feel stressed and anxious as they would face to face. Though it is considered gauche to publicly criticize posters for poor spelling or grammar the network places a premium on literacy and clarity of expression. It may well be that future historians of literature will see in it a revival of the great tradition of personal letters;