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Master Killer. Dreadnaught. Iron Monkey. Master of the Flying Guillotine. Shao Lin vs. Lama. Mad Monkey Kung Fu. Fearless Hyena I. Project A. 5 Venoms. Super Cop I. Drunken Master I & II. The Barefoot Kid. Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu. Moon Warriors. Shao Lin Executioner. These are just a few but don't think they're the only ones 'cause there is a huge industry that pumps these babies out. And if you're wondering why there are no Bruce Lee flicks in this list it's because BRUCE LEE IS A SUCKER AND JACKIE CHAN WOULD PUNK HIM WITH A FLYING SHADOWLESS 12 TOED MUDCARP KICK IN HIS FACE BEFORE HE COULD EVEN THINK ABOUT PULLING OUT THOSE STUPID-ASS NUNCHUCKS. Anyway watch these movies and strive for peace and love more;