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Kjerstin Rustad Hjalmar Andbjornson Gjertrude Aslakson while below we see the fruits of pseudo-Scandinavianization: BEFORE AFTER Miguel Hernandez Mjigjuel Hernandezson Gina Cabrini Gjina Cabrinistad Malcolm X Mjalcolm Xstad Prince Pjrinceson Mind you this process can be dangerous in the hands of improperly trained personnel so watch out: John Jones Jjjkjgjhjjjjohjjkjjn Hjkjonestadsonstad ABBAAAA A BB A BBABBBBAAB ABBABABBABBAAA "Einstein vas ahead of his time" says a coworker. "Alvays he vas getting drunk unt saying zings like 'Hey Klaus vhy don't you and me fax our penises to London eh?'";