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Why Johnny Cash is cooler than Henry Rollins: Johnny Cash wore black before Henry Rollins. Johnny Cash is humble Henry Rollins is an ego maniac. Johnny Cash's new record is just him and a guitar. Rollins last record was an over-produced rock star extravaganza. Johnny Cash has live albums from various prisons Henry Rollins has them from various European countries. Henry Rollins' best stuff was S.O.A. his first band and he's gotten progressively weaker (saw him on Conan O'Brien's show ... sucked). Johnny Cash improves with age like a fine wine. Henry plays barefoot Johnny Cash wears boots. Henry sings about how hard it is to live with himself (Low Self Opinion) Johnny Cash sings about how hard it is to live in jail (Folsom Prison Blues). Johnny Cash is the original Black wearing man Henry Rollins is a perpetrator;