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I tried Reality once but was lucky enough to find out that it was highly addictive in time. After that little nasty incident it has been one cascading highly imaginative adventure after the other. As I spiral into the deep catacombs of man's destiny and get closer to the meaning of it all I realize that we are all only dreaming of an unattainable Utopia. Wow! Now you tell me that isn't the most incredibly profound thing that you've read in quite a while. Go ahead tell me. I'll wait while you do. *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT *WAIT * Thank you. My lifetime can be compared to a Styrofoam box. Well actually it can't really be compared to a Styrofoam box as they are two absolutely completely different concepts altogether;