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A kite was flying skyward with a fish in its beak when a number of crows and kites pursued it making a tremendous noise and annoying it dreadfully. It tried many ways to escape with its prey now soaring up and then coming suddenly down again darting swiftly in one direction next plunging round and making for the opposite but all to no purpose. Its tormentors would not leave it alone. At last exhausted it dropped the fish which was instantly caught up by another kite to its great relief for its tormentors now turned their attention to the talons of the second captor and left it alone. Once free it alighted on a tree and perched to rest. An Avadhuta who was watching the birds seeing the kite at last perch itself serenely on a tree bowed to it and exclaimed "Oh what peace and happiness attend upon him who shakes off all attractions and burdens and becomes free! Otherwise what danger!";