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If Jesus and Satan both had a Mailbox who would get more mail and why? What kind of mail would they get? Would people rubber-band Chinese takeout menus to their door or would they be AFRAID? Would the Discover Card people mail them anything? Would Satan's box be all hot inside? Who would get the J. Crew and who the Victoria's Secret? And what would they order? Could Jesus get mail on Sundays and National Holidays? Could He get mail after the post office closes? Would this count as a Miracle? Would they have to open their mailbox like the rest of us or would it just magically open when they will it to? Would Satan get Anti-Mail? What is Anti-Mail and what would it do to our MAIL INDEX if we got it? What about Buddha? What about Mohammed? What about Dan Rather? What kind of mail do they get? If Buddha got more mail than Jesus would that make Buddhism the ONE TRUE RELIGION? Or is it just that Buddha likes to mail away for more;