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MAY Watch "Donahue" MAY NOT Watch "Wiseguy" MAY Watch "Home Improvement" MAY NOT Watch "Hawaii 5-0" MAY Watch "Evening Shade" MAY NOT Watch "Melrose Place"/"90210" MAY Watch pairs figure skating MAY NOT Watch any sport with the word "ball" or "race" in it or hockey either MAY Use women's rest room MAY NOT Use men's rest room (so as to not risk being offended by a toilet seat that has been left up) MAY Hang with Phil and Marlo MAY NOT Hang in Sears Lawn and Garden section MAY Replace Natalie Merchant/reform 10000 Maniacs MAY NOT Replace Paul Westerberg/reform Replacements MAY Kiss my skinny white butt MAY NOT Not kiss my skinny white butt MAY Drink Zima MAY NOT Drink a Rob Roy MAY Wear aftershave MAY NOT Not smell foufy MAY Marry his mommy MAY NOT Be self-sufficient MAY Hate your dad MAY NOT? MAY See Belly MAY NOT See F.O.D. MAY Listen to Spin Doctors MAY NOT Listen to Descendants MAY Drive a Dodge Colt MAY NOT Own a dog MAY Shut his yap MAY NOT Utter;