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What is your true assessment of the future? Next we should talk about titty-bars. Am I to take it that Non-conformisim is not tolerated here? No-one is obliged to answer anybody else's questions. No-one is obliged to share any personal details they don't want to share. Don't people volunteer enough juicy stuff to satisfy you? Why be so damned prying about one person in particular? Besides prying is hardly non-conformity. It's as American as Budweiser. Yeah I'm all over the idea of a running of the bulls here in America except that maybe we could do it with high speed golf carts driven by bulls. That would be a little bit of an equalizer. Just an idea. Yo does Joanna still have that tiny little waist that looks like she's got a couple bottom ribs missing? Of course my time with her was years ago -- I got her when she still had to pay extra to get into 8 x 10 when she was young and her wounds were fresh. Ask her;