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Anton has not been on in the longest time! Today he was in the park with Julia who was trying to teach him how to inline skate. I think that they should make people who rollerblade get a license and pass a test which proves they know how to stop. Anyway Anton and Julia were not very good on skates which was proved when Anton skates into the hot dog vendor getting condiments all over his "new shirt." Still the two of them make a cute couple. Anton should smile more often. And he should stand up straight a bit more. The only annoying thing about this storyline is the appearance of Noah at the end when they are at the hospital eating ice cream and laughing. I can't figure out whether Noah is pining for Julia or if he is mooning for Anton ... I keep thinking about the time Noah refered to Anton's "dreamy eyes" ... like a guy would ever say that about another guy. Anyway the episode finishes with Anton looking at Erica's medical chart and freaking out on how much pain killer;