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Well seven years ago a Hungarian woman showed up in this wealthy suburban New Jersey neighborhood. She spends all day parked in her car and writes. When asked why she does this she replied that the open spaces and luxurious homes gave her inspiration. Instead of understanding her the neighbors became fearful and tried to have her removed. Finally residents found an awkwardly written letter in their mailboxes. In it the Hungarian woman introduced herself stated her purpose of being there and chastised the residents for bringing the police into the situation. "Take a little walk and see the person" it read "and it should not be a surprise that there couldn't be not a wrong conviction coming out of a 'lady writing in her car' for the urge of processional and artistic inspiration." But instead of calming fears she inflamed them. One neighbor commented "Some people thought maybe she was a writer and someday our neighborhood would be in a book. But that letter shows that she's not a writer;