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think esrever eht break dem rules what rules? what thinking? think? anarky rools/wiv an iron fist orright? write a sonnet of 20 lines claim this is due to inflation wot theft against the law I swear officer i never knew but listen up my dog was silent for 5'42" a record? a recording I'll market as _JC the extended remix_ so learn 'em & break 'em break 'em & make 'em floating smoothly with a Waterman where was I? question mark at the end is that a rule. I wish I was mad againe worst than that much wurst (yes pleaze w/relish ooh u r offal (but i like u) gut level not spirit level)) in - what? they're meant to add up? honest officer i &c ... but start again (agin) w/a peaceful innovation AWOL from th avant-garde (a military term) another cuppa candy soup vegetable soup animal mineral in point-of-fact (Point-of- Fact Essex ostensibly near Clacton-on-Sea but really (Real) near Pontefract actually) where we say "reverse of what (tahw)? Whatya rebelling against Charlie?" "Don't tell me whaddya;