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Every different situation will produce a new set of ideas. This is wonderful. I am sure that every Godfearing American will sleep better tonight knowing that one of the problems of the universe has gone wherever problems of the universe go when they have been put to rest. Ends here. Or here. Or maybe here. It's sort of funny the way things happen. One minute you're floating on air the next you're hit by a glob of chocolate pudding and sent hurtling on a collision course with destiny. That's the way I feel about certain things. Life is basically an avocado no wait actually it's more like a kiwi fruit you know sort of oblong with a furry outside and all green and mushy inside. OK OK so maybe it's not the best analogy in the world but for a guy who's popped his gourd I think it shows a certain amount of talent. You know (that is sabes in Spanish) I've been thinking. Is existence temporal? Does "I THINK THEREFORE I AM" imply "I THOUGHT THEREFORE I HAVE BEEN" or "I WILL THINK THEREFORE I WILL BE?" Maybe the former but probably not the latter Di-dah-di di-dah-di di-dah Di-dah-di di-dah-di di-dah Di-dah-di di-dah. Di-dah-di di-dah? Di-dah-di di-dah-di di. Fucker;