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My problem concerns my tits. Not that I have a lump (praise whomever) or any medical complaint. It's my constant disappointment of hauling 38L breasts into a 42DD harness with piano wire bra straps. Imagine the grief involved in going to a leather shop and knowing the corsets and other chest decorations are meant for smaller women or for huge cups on a pencil frame. I need advice on finding a corset designer that can design for a large frame. It would be nice to get a designer who likes a large body with large breasts and who would not be afraid to mold a brassiere that could be built into (or match) a corset that could control a full bust during a rigorous spanking workout. (Nothing's worse than a jiggling bust colliding with an underarm during a paddle's down-stroke is there?) I don't have $1000 to spend and I don't want to pay good money just to have some anorexic child laugh (barely) behind my back. Under $300 would be nice but under $200 would be a miracle. (Oh yes a person who'd know a reasonable supplier of thigh-hi leather boots for large calves or thighs would be ever so neat to know.) I'm facing facts -- no matter how well I wield a flogger the ability to have supportive sturdy clothing to play in adds to MY comfort and confidence. Any advice Ladies on buying a men's suit (ready-made or tailored)? None of this breast-binding genderfuck however it would be helpful to know how suits fit on women whose proportions aren't similar to Rush Limbaugh's. (If life were only so simple a good suit a bit of makeup and one on-air;