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I was just sitting there thinking about all that had happened to me since I was born because now that I have lived out almost 18 years on this small blue green planet which is just really another ball of molecules revolving around a small star I have come to realize that not much of it matters in the long run except fun making other people happy love REM and of course sleep which is just a poor substitute for coffee as any true goth can tell you because yeah though I walk through the valley of decaffeinated I shall not fear for Wa is a short guy who knows how to get to the Palace Diner I AM entirely here at this moment -- rené gaines and patrick is soooo damn cute and patrick is soooo damn cute and the weather is miserable listening to garbage under skies in chrome running off and over to the underside of technology sounding singing playing into into the brainspace babel made outward made real made approachable made public running running into and away from myself running away from you why won't you touch me? why won't you hold me? won't somebody please just hold my hand? the buzzing i hear buzzes in my ears it is the sound of a lawnmower but it is more it is the sound (sound is unimaginably bright) of the lawnmower & the broadcasting of millions scuse me billions of brains all alive working/yelling/thinking/dreaming/sleeping/whispering/churning everywhere the sound travels and i hear it you hear it that high-pitched tone in the back of your head it's always there technology is especially notorious for producing this sound please raise your hand if you can hear it juvenile I food propaganda;