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Have you ever noticed how you take five pairs of socks along with mounds of other dirty clothes put them in the washing machine take them out and start folding them only to find that you have exactly 9 socks which amounts to a total of four and a half pairs? Of socks? You put all your other clothes in the spot they're supposed to be in until you notice one sock lying lonely and dejected on your bed. What exactly are you supposed to do with it? You don't want to throw it out because you might end up finding its match and yet you don't really want to keep it because what the heck are you going to do with one sock? But eventually you decide to keep it and proceed to shove it in your drawer where you see it day in and day out or whenever else you happen to open your sock drawer. You go rummaging through your drawer every day trying to find a pair and all that that one sock does is get in your way. So you shove it aside as if it's a worthless piece of nothing hoping that by some bizarre twist of fate it'll disappear. But ... it doesn't. And week after week you do your laundry while that one sock sits alone in a dark dank drawer. How does it feel you wonder? How does it feel to be that one odd sock the odd one out the one that has no pair or match just itself. I mean a sock is just not a sock without its partner. Everybody is happy in Sockland except for Mr. Lonely Sock whose wife Mrs. Lonely Sock was lost in the hazardous journey between the washer and the dryer. Where could she be he wonders as he glares with longing at all the other loving sock couples. Oh God why? WHY?? Why did she have to be taken away from him? He is all alone. He is nothing without Mrs. Lonely Sock. So he sits and waits as the days turn into weeks the weeks into months and the months into years hoping that one day she will return. But alas Mr. Lonely Sock. Mrs. Lonely Sock is no more;