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My favorite infomercial of late is for the NuHart hair replacement system. They use all these tricky cool words to describe why their system is superior. When they say stuff like "micro blend mesh with glass front" and "liquid skin optic" it conjures such bizarre images for me. Anyhow they have cool guest stars who had their hair replaced at their place like old musicians and sports stars. Another great new infomercial is the Home Business Network one. They try to trick you into believing that this is really a channel. But they try to get you to go to these "Opportunities in Business" conferences which are free actually. It looks kinda interesting I will admit but there has to be a catch. If they didn't start at like 9 am I would have gone and found out. Bruce Jenner is back with a new infomercial. It seems he took my advice and bought some shorts from the past decade although his wife is still just cheesy standing there smiling looking silly. Anyhow they are now demonstrating the Power Walker Plus. I suppose it is an improvement on their previous product but it is still cheese central. I mean who really has exercise machines right next to their pool? I think one of the funniest infomercials is for this new kind of razor for women. There are like 5 ladies sitting around discussing how great this product is and how bad other products are. It is complete with clips of them getting all angry and annoyed with these other products and a demonstration of the greatness of this razor. The funniest part is when they all agree how they just don't feel feminine unless their legs are smooth. Made me laugh at least. The Principal Secret also made me laugh. It starts with this suspenseful fake movie shoot in the desert starring Victoria Principal. She tells how she couldn't do this shoot without the confidence she gets from using her line of cosmetics. It goes on to tell the virtues of her system. There are 2 psychic hotline infomercials neither is very new. The Dionne Warwick one is famous and on very often so you've probably seen it. They have cheesy Soap stars on telling how the hotline was so right. The other one is better the Kitty Kingston psychic hotline. This lady is such a FREAK! Holy mangos! The most tempting one I saw recently was the Carlton Sheets real estate thing. It is another of the making money type with all the usual parts the high school dropout and immigrant who made tons of money with the system a really naive person interviewing the creator extra bonus thing seemingly thrown in to make the value so much greater and so on. The tempting part is where they tell how the guy made a challenge for a newspaper;