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Rubber gloves and mayonnaise! 1. A Rubber shoe 2. 2 sandstone umbrellas 3. 4 females with whipping cream on their nipples 4. A spoon ... a needle ... and some stuff. 5. Some mildew ... fully ripe. 6. A can of flea & tick spray (Sergeants ONLY!) 7. A blonde with a passion for Discordian literature ... 8. The ~Black~ phone ... RoR man ... RoR ... 9. H-h-h-hey ... the Green Glacier! 10. Alice's Aqua colored basket with a bag-0-snow in it ... -- We all here know nothing. We are all here for the big climax. Then we will realize that we know nothing upon learning everything. Yet even that is nothing in itself but with us it's even more nothing. Or something like that... -_ _ _ _ Quickly = Non-Wisdom S-Druuna-Historical-University - It's the end of the universe and I feel like french fries. Damn. -- 11. A vial of wolverine sperm 12. A shinny rock and a running brook. 13. _______n_o_t_h_i_n_g________ 14. Pickle relish & a Agatha Christie novel 15. Pamela Anderson and Craftman's 265 pc. tool set. 16. 25 little 12 year old gurls rolling over you & Jiffy peanut butter! 17. A Rock 18. A blue yeti. 19. Searching for Sexual Freedom 20. Finding it. 21. A 1lb. 6oz. (625g) can of Zep with Spray Anyway Valve... 22. 3 Ion Generators and a pair of rubber boxer shorts. 23. Compile an Empire 24. Eat tv dinner chicken and watch Mr. Rogers fondle 11 year old gurls ... 25. Sexually mutilating Peggy McIntaggart's breasts with a spatula ... ~Mommy mommy ... look what I found in sis's room! A box of trojans and some hypo needles!! Mommy mommy ... does this mean I get that puppy now?~ 26. Being punished by Isabeau 27. Removing Rust from an old Refrigerator 28. 12 Tennis Lessons while naked in the frosty moonlight. 29. Being turned into a mono knob for your stereo. 30. Having sex with an FM signal. 31. Oh god ... oh god ... I'm on POWER!! 32. Becoming Sane agAIn ... 33. No ... no ... no ... staying Insane. I like it here. It's warm. 34. Racketball Soup ... eating it I mean. 35. Reading the book "Molesting Female Smurfs" by Eobin 36. Doing 25 lines of coke and then reading Dr. Seuss! 37. Just doing 25 lines of coke. 38. Mind Melding with inanimate objects. (Chair Wall Stove Blacklite etc) 39. Playing the Touch game with your favorite sound waves. 40. Eating yellow apples after injecting them with Trisodium Phosphate! 41. Reading orange signs on Acid. 42. Making orange signs on Mushrooms ... 43. Making orange paint on Speed. 44. Making everything orange while in a Sensory Deprivation tank ... 3 Dimensional shot of a 7up Can ... looking at it through a kaleidoscope ... 3 Words for ya: SPEED SERVICE & STOCK 45. See what a little food coloring can do?? 46. Stick a wet finger in the headphone socket and <CRANK> it!!!! 47. Tease your Sanity with rose compass covered in cool whip. 48. Create a generator that runs off of Madness ... then make it ~go~ ... 49. Repeat yourself when your brain has fried and you've exhausted all your brain cells ... 50. Repeat yourself when your brain has fried and you've exhausted all your;