"By enthusiastically embracing the liquidity of my poem City of Webs, Lake Affect intrepidly ventures into a realm where the spontaneity of imagination subverts the banality of defined poetry."
Michael Basinski

"Lake Affect reads my work with a vivid and sustaining clarity. Not only does this singular group hear me — it gives me the unique chance to hear myself in a manner otherwise impossible."
Robert Creeley

"Each piece constitutes an extraordinary enhancement of the original text. In every case it is as if a two-dimensional surface of some attractiveness had been turned by magic into a sphere of considerable beauty."
Jorge Guitart

"Lake Affect did wonderful things with my writing -its a thrill for my art to be a part of theirs!"
Mark Peters

"Working with Lake Affect uncovered all kinds of unsuspected sound effects in my writing. Their sparkling precision and professionalism is impressive and very inspiring!"
Anna Reckin

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