by Michele Leggott


oranges seem to grow wild in the bay that is cloud

carried by the wind there my boys swim out

of the easterly blow Haukapua they shout

the huff and the hook the kick and the splash

the green bay is full of their golden bodies persistent

ungentle the wind rides overhead as they trail back

for showers by the open window a towel on the pillow

sweet rhythms of the bach where they wake and sleep

to arithmetical Variations on shelter and a doorway

the performance of the sun at noon a memory printing

windmills under the canopy of leaves highly aromatic

days of no event but virtuoso growth how tall

they are how straight of limb what storms of noise

the keyboards take to be sure the game proceeds

gelling away

angel wings beating harder than ever
light drumming

on skinny shoulders pertinent to select displays of

temper and charm it was always important to knock

with your elbow a dozen beer smoked kahawai something

to put on the table then to waer as little as possible

as long as possible to cat late sleep lots and sit around

talking in the dark remembering the buzzing of the bees

in the lemonade trees looking over at Paku so built up

big rock candy mountain on its estuary of song

hurricane surf that had to be swum hand in hand

under skies brilliant enough to discreate a cyclone

there is white sand mile after mile in loneliness

and crushed shells giving it a border of violet

we stop later for the golden oysters of Miranda

a nautilus

I put the children to bed and go out

hunting the ancestors the one who is afraid

of the night adrift tip there in his deep blue covers

the one who will curl between us so quietly

nobody wakes and he is safe I have left them again

unable to sleep and knowing their sleeping

is my return to the wide nets washing out in moonlight

they stir as the house gears down they call out

as I pass I call back I am there when they stagger about

to gulp water and pee they lock the doors I left open

and skim up ladders in their sleep I need them

they prevent my disappearance from the world

they bring me back howling overacting for my blurred

attention the cradle boat drawn out on the falling tide

slaying put

the girl on the fridge found her walled-up skin

but won't be without her magnetic babes they frolic

around her a sea of alphabetic cries AzGVw sLK3

yY hSPr fl0Op low on the feminine with a modicum

of consonantal drift you get the picture we get

the picture thrown around and stuck back baby baby

my sINGER Flips her fishy tail Mistakes I know

I've made a few the impossible back-arch her attempts

at keeping it all up in the air Citrus limetia rare and interesting

though worthless a horticultural curiosity which version

do you want three commas and a dash or four ellipses

following a special form of berry yes a hesperidium

what could be kept separate was never worth the bother

only human now she flippers every little morph


the Nuyoricans went to Piano Beach and found tai tane

unbelievably gentle the messages were adjuncts

to their honeymoon performed in blacksand with a bag

of hot plums and a modesty of towels we clapped

the lipsticks untwirling on the front veranda at home

we waited for the remembered fragrance and we listened

for the old motors overhead in the long light evening

candy I call my sugar candy and the letters he wrote her

persist with orangeblossom snipped from the ivory lace

of her panniers don't forget to change your flying boots

she wrote him on the invitation thinking maybe

of this frangipani coming into flower on the porch

most admired veranda and of the hesper ride

his DC 3 still charters for our collaborating hearts