Kristen Prevallet - Lead, Glass and Poppy Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 16:33:16
From: Mary Hilton (mhilton@TIA.ORG)
Subject: "Lead, Glass and Poppy" by Kristin Prevallet

Now available from primitive publications -- "Lead, Glass and Poppy," by Kristin Prevallet, a riveting work incorporating past and present news stories into a "millennial convergence poem."

About this chapbook, Mark Wallace writes: "Kristin Prevallet's work presents a distinctly modern witchery, a series of spells and counterspells designed to drive us from complacency with a paradoxically generous black magic. In her new chapbook, 'Lead, Glass and Poppy,' Kristin details exactly what happens when human beings take off blithely for the sun; they experience intense heat, destructive fallout, and the debris of deluded dreams. What surprise, then, that they find themselves once more in the chaotic history of misunderstood desires for transcendence."

Excerpt from Lead, Glass and Poppy
Review by Henry Gould

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