Michael Rothenberg
Photo by Terri Carrion

Michael Rothenberg

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Indefinite Detention:A Dog Story, Arabic/English edition translated by El Habib Louai, Al Kotob Khan, Cairo, Egypt, forthcoming Spring 2014

Indefinite Detention: A Dog Story, Shabda Press, Pasadena, CA, forthcoming Fall 2014

Indefinite Detention: A Dog Story, Ekstasis Editions, Victoria, B.C., 2013

My Youth As A Train, Foothills Publishing, Kanona, NY, 2010

Choose, Selected Poems Big Bridge Press, 2009

Epigenesis on Temple Mount dPress, Sebastapol, 2006

Jungian Quartet & other poems dPress, Sebastapol, 2006

Unhurried Vision La Alameda Press, New Mexico 2003

The Paris Journals Fish Drum, Inc. NY 2000

Preparing The Child’s Arm For The Sky, e-book, Milk Magazine, 2003

Grown Up Cuba Il Begatto Press, 2003

Monk Daddy Blue Press, 2003

Punk Rockwell Tropical Press 2000

Favorite Songs Big Bridge Press, CA 1990

Man/Woman Big Bridge Press, CA 1988

Nightmare Of The Violins Twowindows Press, CA 1986

What The Fish Saw Twowindows Press, CA 1984

Songs and Soundtracks

Under The Spell with Bobby Thomas Jr.

When I Met You, Elya Finn with songs by Michael Rothenberg

Darkest Part of the Night, Bob Malone with songs by Michael Rothenberg

Soundtrack to Outside Ozona, Sony Pictures

Soundtrack to Black Day, Blue Night, Republic Pictures

Soundtrack to Shadowhunter, Hollywood Pictures


The Ecopoetry Anthology, eds. Ann Fisher-Wirth Laura-Gray Street, Trinity University Press, forthcoming 2013

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