Anne Tardos


Letting Go            





It’s the ego that lets go of the ego.

A leftist is usually right.

Everyone is really a very fine fellow.

I am an Acoustican.

I come from the planet Acoustica

Where we g’oham yeolnia ooh yeeanh

Some varsity sensibingatee zenifer lida


Different papilla pamina different zugoria.

The standing the name the gesture

The movement

One cigale verisimilitude sentimentablement genial

Dissertation vegetation permission

A very fine fellow



The egg lets go of the egg and becomes a bird

The bird appeals to our sense of freedom

and makes a cat salivate mentally

Cats don’t salivate

Dogs salivate

Therefore dogs don’t salivate mentally but actually

Birds don’t salivate

I doubt they even salivate mentally

The killer instinct brushes its teeth at night

It flosses between its thoughts

Thoughts that create sounds

Sounds that become words

And words get along well with each other

Can’t hold on to anything



Not to the bird or the stone in your hand you would never throw at a bird

And all of this is really happening.


The girl lets go of the girl and becomes an adult

After a while, she will let go of herself and become something else

It’s difficult to understand what

But I know that all of this is really happening

And that everyone is a very fine fellow

You confirm and you build by repetition

You invent a device that will repeat for you as needed

You hand a stone to a child and watch her break into a smile

The stone will remain calm and composed inside the little fist

The stone dreams of the beach

and of sandhood

The edge of the water where the children play

A play is by definition amusing

A muse is by definition a scantily clad young female floating about


A penguin understands the meaning of life just as a seal ends it.

Shilly-shally winter death

Monkey colorectum

Embrionic bazaar fracas

comprehension overcast

Cendrier Baudrillard

Upscale venison

Vertical severance

Digital mismatch

Empanades truc machin-chose

I chose to be the dingo

A pecking order in Beijing

to be

to live

to do

to give

to die

A cat, a sweetheart, maybe a baby.

In this case, maybe a koala.



The eagle lets go of the eagle

Its need to control reality causes its insomnia

Fear creates what is feared

Conversation scuba diddle

Verification jumble zig

Pretty little short supply

Glitter kindness gender gap

Delicate gene pool

Frisbee mutation

Unexpected peppermint


Thought exists.

Rigid necessity.



The writer lets go of intention and considers the alternatives

She is thinking about writing about thinking

Her imagination goes for a walk, along with her intentions

Arm in arm, the two walk around the block to get some exercise

They stop at a feminist sex shop and admire the toys on display

Then they buy a big bag full of pine-bark mini-nuggets at a garden supply store

They pay peanuts for the pine-bark mini nuggets, which they pour over their respective beloveds’ graves

The writer tends to view most men as her feather

A feather seems lighter than air

How do you air a grievance? Is that anything like rhubarb?

Rhubarbs are to be enjoyed in moderation because of their high oxalic acid content. Calcium oxalate has been associated with the formation of kidney-stones because the calcium combines with oxalate in the intestines and this reduces calcium's ability to be absorbed.

Kidneys and stones will brake my bones

But beans will never hurt me


Anne Tardos, 2007