Marjorie Welish


Textile 10

A jumper knitted throughout, a sweater's overcoming mimesis

"Chapter 1 has been suspended in a warehouse / of textiles for 1000th of a second" –at
       once a sentence and a sentence in a poetics.

at once a linguistic event and a linguistic event styled after installation.

Impossible work finds hypothetical situations.

Situations impersonating a book, speech acts walking across stage

situations impersonating a boot, speech acts walking across a stag.

Suspended in a warehouse, a literacy campaign

suspended in a disused textile factory, textiles and a second literacy campaign
     after cultural evisceration.

A woman removing her jumper (sweater) in a textile factory

removes a jumper {sweater}, then another pulled inside out, says aloud,
    "And now, for the retrograde inversion:"