Marjorie Welish


Textile 12

A path formatted. A chapter.
                                               "There cannot be a chapter formatted differently,"

she said, "like a sore thumb,"
                                                 "A chapter formatted differently from these is not a sore thumb,"

I said, "but an opposable thumb, an opposable thumb with its own instrumentality."
                                                                                                                                     A train

". . . hear that train strumming . . ."
                                                         "without the doubt of a shadow"

Agora shadowless and "shadowless"


              "In recent years he has researched the share"

a path formatted across a wave.
                                                     There cannot be a wave formatted otherwise

she said, like a wheel.
                                     A wave in syntax such as that is no sore wheel,

I said, but a solemn wheel (no one-sided wheel, I said, a level) with its own instrumentality.
                                                                                                                                                  A door

"folded like a sheet of paper . . ."
                                                       "You were the most beautiful of them all"

"Now I begin to paint shadows in."

             In recent years he has researched the interval

             In recent years he has researched the inconvenience

a path formatted across hot water.
                                                        There cannot be hot water formatted symptomatically,

she said, like fumes.