Marjorie Welish


"This Hit That" and the Like

We are pointing to that, to make mention of the new world, ostensibly
of the new world, ostensibly an answer to Corner Counter-Relief.
"Not that one. That one." In plywood, very heavy evidence.

Box, public collection and box, crushed possibly when wet.
" . . . visible universe which is not the basket," texts.
You see it whole, intractable: first phase of apprehension.

Pointing to "that there," we name it "bin" whose height brought about
disruption of the box by deepening the rationale.
"Five is a number while 'five' is a numeral."

Translations of substance to "that there, that one"
or "bounding line drawn about" the funerary basket in stone, a new objective.
As death, so "untitled." Name one

rainbow—unmistakably apparent stimulus.
We name it "bin," to speak of "five" in decline.
Can room be found? The founding of landscape.

"That is beautiful" in aluminum, confined, however to the face
that did not fit any system and so passes through his heart.
"Passing through his thin heart" is a reference to "pan."

Speaking of substance, we mention "thing" as a pseudo-concept.
Read "this" as "recurrence of this" in this landscape of facsimile
and column. In some system, landscape and chimera are interchangeable.