John Wieners


                                                                Ailsa's LASt WILL and   T  E  S  T  A  M  E  N  T

Gas. A marriage that never existed, a death under investigation,
and a Fortune stolen from M  a  d women in custody of itinerants.

Who could say wealth provides security, when the truth of one's
lies upon inferiors, inferring supposed secretaries stoop against

truth serums, unpatentd innoculations' dictum of an i mousity,
jealousy beyond single trust.   L  E  T    I T  B E    S   A  I  D
goldberg Mellons

make M   o   n   e   y, without reason, though attenuation begets
square dollar
    c       R                                           U                 S          T.

from    E    U    S    T    A    C    E     M    U    L    L    I    N    S- inc*
to ARTHur Burns, a few flattulences can bankrupt a relationship
but Never

sink the N       A    T    I    O    N       I     n    t    e    n    t.
Upon ousting Frederick Engels Marx, Einstein, Freud and Darwin.