John Wieners


Dead Poets of Queer Poems

to Ms. Reid & Nana Will Never Forgive Me

Commencement exercises inhibited
by prevalent narcotics less habituated

forbid association to prior or pending
Cambridge excesses in vicinity of Harvard

Militia action maintain clinic reporters
au compagne duress as stated Walter Milli

probe IRA nippon mirror jewels radioed
design Dresden classic Elgin refuted Novena

garb anticipatoryrobot news coverage
due vendors civic observations from

hard knocks park squat the bells rang twelve
times in town two years here, must be Washington.

Dipping in agression surfeit real estate express
two confessions blameless ignorance Athaneum Trans­

E      U   R   O   P   E   A   N                        Coin.

      Unpublished in relation to Literary Reviewer,
      Ms. Denise Goodman, Mitchell Levertov, and
      Pulitzer Winner, Ms. Anne Sexton, Chestnut Hill
      M    a s s a c h u s e t t s.                                                         ,