John Wieners


The Murder Of Cheap Waitresses

From Ellen Needham, indicted for their slaying
to Alan Myronwitz' interdit we got to clean up poor classes
"Kill them off", as his unproduced revue, "Shoot the President"
barely two decades late, with Uncle Eddie's "Oh, Oh" was he
Earl Warren
then? we got nothing to say this morning, after returning
from New York.

When the Maid of Mistd Orleans vacationd off The Y in
Room 517, with Charlie
at the wheel, both ways
orange lights, does an initial replace a proper name, does a Judge ressurrect codes, can Anna
'h live, Elizabeth Short, will Cyril join John give orders, or take

The death of hard-working women allowing some a cup of
coffee surprises us, that their slayings
pass unnotc­
ied, yes the fields of Brewster, Willimantic embankments,
now Buddy,
no more Treason in the
telephoneless rooms, on the Eighth Street billboard display.