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The Peirce Edition Project <http://www.iupui.edu/~peirce/>
Established in 1976 with the mission to assemble a comprehensive edition of Peirce's writings organized chronologically and edited according to current scholarly practices, The Peirce Edition Project has an extensive web site including biographical information, a list of Peirce's correspondents, and selections from The Essential Peirce and other of his writings.

Manuscripts <http://peirce.monmouth.edu/~bill/>
This site serves two purposes: as a mirror of the Peirce manuscripts and as a experimental laboratory examining various aspects of collaboration. With regard to the first purpose, the manuscripts below represent our mirroring of these images. The tools and experiments sections below detail the work that is being performed to better understand collaborative efforts.

Pragmatism <http://www.pragmatism.org>
Comprehensive information on pragmatism including recent publications, links to discussion groups, conference information, introductory and biographic notes on contemporary and classical pragmatists.



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