May 19, 2011

Digital Poetry & Dance
Black Box Theatre, UB Center for the Arts

1. I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud
Choreography: Anne Burnidge and dancers
Poetry: Robert Creeley (En Famille)
Music: Chirs Massey, Steve Swallow, David CasT, and David Torn
Dance: Arielle R. Cole, Chrissy Palczewski, Jessica Walts, and Miranda Zimmerman

2. danceable type (First screening: Computer Poems)
Choreography: Brianna Jahn
Poetry: bpNichol ("First screening: Computer Poems")
Dance: Abbey Hurlbert and Ashlee Lodico

3. white faced bromeliads on 20 hectares
Choreography: Arielle R. Cole
Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier ("white faced bromeliads on 20 hectares")
Music: "white faced bromeliads on 20 hectares" by Lake Affect (Lorena Guillén, Tom McCluskey, Tiffany Nicely, Alejandro Rutty)
Dance: Cristiana Cavallo, Taylor Hiller, Lawanda Hopkins, Ashley Peters, and Brittany Whitford

4. Effort
Choreography: Tara Madsen Robbins
Video/Poetry: Jhave
Music: Peter Jones
Dance: Hilary Freeland, Abbey Hurlbert, Jacquie Maitner, and Krista Scimeca
Rehearsal Direction: Abbey Hurlbert

5. A Phrase of Twelve Counts Thirty-Six Times
Choreography: Laura Curry
Poetry: Ian Hatcher ---(no link)---
Dance: Elijah Coleman and Sarah Daunt
Music: Al Larsen

6. Body As
Choreography: Anne Burnidge and dancers
Poetry/Music: Samantha Gorman
Video: Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro
Dance: Elyssa Bourke, Nancy Hughes, Amy Taravella and Bonnie Taylor

7. Anemic Cinema
Choreography: Tressa Gorman Crehan and Shelley Hain
Film: Marcel Duchamp ("Anemic Cinema")
Music: Donald Sosin
Dance: Andrea Fitzpatrick, Melissa Hunt, Jenna Lyon, Megan Rutkowski, Holli Simme, and Jessica Viglianco

8. Drop, Post and Beam
Choreography: Kerry Ring
Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier
Music: White Man Sleeps composed by Kevin Volans performed by the Kronos Quartet
Dance: Samuel Robbins, Brianna Jahn, Patrick Leahy, Brittany Sprung, Zosha Giacomara, and Elijah Coleman