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In the Department of Media Study we have a solid history of extremely innovative practice, engaging faculty with which to work, and plenty of opportunities for you to forge your artistic path. The Department of Media Study digital arts program is the first founded in the United States, founded in 1979 by Gerald O'Grady and Hollis Frampton. We have a long tradition of support for independent media production and criticism with an emphasis on the moving image, using film, video and programmable media. This extends to our truly exceptional offerings of studies in Digital Poetics. With its literary tradition, its state of the art facilities, and its tradition of uncompromising radical practice, it is no surprise that Buffalo is the place where digital poetics is being pioneered. In Media Study sustained attention to developing digital works can be undertaken, with the benefit of a community of fellow artists working in related, and sometimes interrelated media, programming, Web design, video, film, robotics, and net culture. In the Digital Poetics curriculum, theory covered is focused on critical writings by artists, with an emphasis on those being written contemporaneously. Digital Poetics in the Department of Media Study also has the benefit of continual cross-pollination with the notable Poetics at Buffalo Program -- its renowned faculty and endless wealth of historic literary events -- and those literary connections just make this a much richer place to be, especially for someone with an interest in digital literary studies. We're just the wired side of that sense of innovative practice! When you factor in the presence of the Electronic Poetry Center and the special events it sponsors such as the Language & Encoding symposium, Digital Media Poetics series, and other events, Buffalo is a defining location for emergent digital media literary studies. The EPC also sponsors the much celebrated E-Poetry series of international poetry festivals, an artist and practitioner-oriented series of events in the spirit of early medium-defining poetry festivals such as the Vancouver Poetry Festival, 1963, and the Berkeley Poetry Conference, 1965. E-Poetry allows artists the opportunity to engage the state of their art and to advance its possibilities through dialog, performance, and peer interaction. These events offer Media Study students the opportunity to engage the frontiers of the medium as they are being formed and the presence of such practitioners in the artistic community enriches the curriculum and cultural setting of Buffalo's digital literary community. This is supported by Buffalo's unique and vibrant digital arts scene, including the legendary Hallwalls, Big Orbit Sound Lab, Squeaky Wheel, and numerous other venues. Digital Poetics at SUNY Buffalo offers a new paradigm for writing in the digital age. Join our multi-talented students and renowned faculty in the exploration of the integration of text, image, sound, video, and programming into an engagement with language, our common medium. For more information about Digital Poetics at SUNY Buffalo, including program information, faculty profiles, and information about othe Media Study programs, see Media Study at SUNY Buffalo, Media Study's Graduate Programs page, and the Media Study Digital Arts Program description.