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E-Poetry [ 2011 ] :
International Digital Language | Arts Festival


May 18-21, 2011
University at Buffalo

E-Poetry [ 2011 ] : CALL FOR PAPERS (Aug. 2010)

"Take 3" deadline: No deadline . (Extremely limited openings .)
"Take 2" deadline: 15 December 2010 .
"Take 1" deadline: 1 November 2010 .

In a traditional sense, there is no formal CFP for E-Poetry 2011. What we seek to achieve is a flexible and multi-formatted event e-poetry festival, celebrating the state of our art in its present moment. To this end, we seek proposals that directly reflect what you would like to express, in its most inventive sense.

Thus, E-Poetry encourages you to let your imagination be free. A traditional paper proposal can be sent. However, keep in mind that we are also committed to presenting other formats of artistic and scholarly interaction including poetics statements, individual and group performances and readings, site-specific events, installations, and interactive presentations.

PROPOSALS THEMSELVES at this point, should be substantially informal. They really only need to be 250 words in length, detailing to some extent what you would like to do, its background/implications, the sort of venue you seek, and what sorts of technical/physical requirements are necessary. Proposals may range from scholarly to highly performative, with many of them offering opportunities for extensive conversation.

To this end, we encourage you to think creatively.

Proposals are accepted on a rotating basis. Those received earlier receiving preference, due to the necessities of advance planning. You are encouraged to send in your proposal at your earliest convenience, with a "Take 1" deadline in mind. That deadline is 1 November 2010.

For the present, proposals may be sent to glazier [at] buffalo [dot] edu, with the subject line, "E-Poetry 2011 Proposal."

E-Poetry 2011 is a renowned biennial international artistic gathering founded on dialog over emerging issues in digital, visual, sound, and language-based artistic practice, participants should keep in mind that its emphasis is on literary practice in an encompassing sense, i.e., the practice of thinking through engagement with the material aspects of media forms, the building of community, and the exchange of ideas across languages, borders, and ideologies. Rather than fetishizing "new form" as apparatus agent per se, it seeks to locate innovative artistic practice in its cultural, conceptual, and media milieu. Hence, if "e-poetry" is going to mean something more than communality with every digital household appliance and point to emergent artistic processes in a Emergent Media age inasmuch as it informs the digital e-poetry can exist in any number of formats, including programmable, performance, visual, sound-based, conceptual, and book art ... i.e., even on paper.

THANKS for your interest in E-Poetry 2011. We look forward to seeing you in Buffalo in May for a festival historic in our emerging field!

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