The E-Poetry 2011 Files

Festival Reports
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• Lucio Agra, "A Brazilian Panorama" (PDF)
• Charles Bernstein, "Two Stones with One Bird" (with Loss Pequeño Glazier) (JPG)
• J. R. Carpenter, "Along the Briny Beach" (HTML)
• John Cayley, "9b58js" (MOV), "E-Poetry 2011" (PDF)
• Giovanna di Rosario, "Da E-poetry 2011 al seminario su E-lit" (PDF)
• Lori Emerson, "The Archeological Media Lab As Locavore Thinking Device" (PDF)
• Chris Funkhouser, "Bearing the Fruits of E-Poetry: A Personal Decennial View", "Prefacing a New Book on E-Poetry"(PDF)
• Jeff T. Johnson, "Special America Manifestos & E-Po 2011 Notes" (PDF)
• Talan Memmott and Eric Snodgrass, "Intermission" (Flyer), "Intermission" (PDF)
• Nick Montfort, "Charles Bernstein Sounds Off" (PDF)
• Manuel Portela & Rui Torres, "Google Earth: A Poem for Voice and Internet" (PDF)
• Katie Price, "A Community So Well Versed in the Other Possibilities of the Computer" (PDF)
• David Tolkacz, "EPC2011" (PDF)
• Lawrence Upton, "Ian’s 575s", "Notes on Namely for Peter Manson", "On collaboration in art and in research into art" (PDF)