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E-Poetry [ 2011 ] : GENERAL PROGRAM ( Archival )

Detailed Program (Archival)

NOTE: This document is provided as an archival record of E-Poetry 2011.

Presently entering its second decade, E-Poetry invites you to join us for as long as you can. The cost of visiting Buffalo is reasonable. E-Poetry is meant to provide a prolonged immersion into the workings and practices of digital poets, scholars, and artists and is a location, fervent with the great powers of the Niagara rushing through the tranquil, flat, maple forested countryside of Western New York, where we can come together, apart from the hustle of a devouring city but within the context of New York State's largest university and, as a direct descendent of Black Mountain College, Language Poetry, and Buffalo Poetics, one of the prime leaders in the U.S. in the innovative digital, visual, sound, and language arts.

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