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E-Poetry [ 2011 ] REGISTRATION

Welcome to the special Tenth Anniversary Festival celebration of this renowned biennial international artistic gathering!

Presently entering its second decade, E-Poetry 2011 is pleased to be able to offer the most extensive and wide-reaching festival of its history.


Registration fee (includes entrance to all E-Poetry events, lunches, and coffee breaks) is $250. Use the Online registration form (credit card) to register for E-Poetry 2011. Please register now, if possible! (The earlier we receive your registration, the better we can plan the Festival.)

If you wish to make a charitable gift to support E-Poetry beyond your own Festival registration, you can help us in our goals of advancing the practice and scholarship of our field. With a separate e-mail to also let us know, please use the EPC Donation Form. E-Poetry thanks you for your kind support.

Please note that we have done our best to keep registration costs low. However, given the general state of world economies, the largest E-Poetry ever (100 participants from 40 countries in 8 venues) will have one of the smallest budgets ever. However, this has not stopped us from putting together an astonishing celebration to launch E-Poetry's second decade! It is for that reason that we ask for your kind support.

You will not find artists of this calibre gathered together at one event at any other time in the year -- or in any other place -- on the scale of this Festival.

Well, it is E-Poetry. There are times one just has to contribute oneself to make the right thing happen. It's a naturally gracious movement to progress from being a receiver of the community's goodwill to a supporter of the collective. The help you give to E-Poetry is something that extends beyond our own individual lives.

It's about this special festival we share. Something unique, pleasurable, and dedicated to furthering these interests that find no other specific focus that compares equally. It's for us to be together. As a final note, very little support has been available to any single conference participant. Indeed, funding for international travel is practically non-existent, with participants from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Europe, and Asia, and from other countries with developing economies generously working to locate supplemental resources rather than drain the fragile fiscal ecology of the Festival.

I invite you to join us in that spirit of generosity, integrity, and in the recognition that, without the support of its participants in the given budget situation, would otherwise be impossible to have on a literary fête on the scale of E-Poetry.

Since its inception, E-Poetry has set the stage for future developments in our field. It has done so in increasingly noticeable ways with each festival. Simply put, E-Poetry has permanently changed the landscape of digital artistic practice on an historic scale.

In the end, E-Poetry represents the best interests of all in our community and, rather than being seen an occasion dependent on outside help, it needs to receive support from its participants who are, it must be noted, its ultimate beneficiaries.

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