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Kingston University-London
[ 2013 ]

"The 'poetry' in 'E-Poetry' does not signal a genre preference but an origin. That is, making as a means of realizing art, a delight in digital literary invention..."

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Registration covers participation in all E-Poetry events, including coffee and tea breaks supplied at the Festival. It does NOT cover occasional special transportation fees (such as the boat trip at E-Poetry Kingston-London) nor meals. Keep in mind that E-Poetry, though administered through SUNY Buffalo, and administered voluntarily, receives NO institutional funding. E-Poetry, the longest running and most reliably occurring Festival in the field, charges no annual membership fee. Your registration supports the organization, development, and logistics of the Festival. Your registration provides a foundation for ongoing festivals, future generations of artists, and present and future experiments (such as the E-Poetry Intensives, Digital Poetry & Dance events, publications, exhibitions, and other events that uniquely further the work, vision, ideas, and recognition of E-Poetry's contributors. Thus, your registration supports the past, present, and future of E-Poetry, its ancillary cultural and transnational experiments. Your registration fee is, without a doubt, the life blood of E-Poetry. Thanks for your support of E-Poetry!

E-Poetry Advisory Board: Yves Abrioux (France), Amaranth Borsuk (USA), David Jhave Johnston (Canada), Leonardo Flores (Puerto Rico), Claudia Kozak (Argentina), Manuel Portela (Portugal), Laura Shackelford (USA); Local Convener: Maria Mencia (UK); E-Poetry Director: Loss Pequeño Glazier (USA)

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